Back “Prey for the Gods” on Kickstarter Today
Video Games / August 4, 2016

Spiritual Successor to Shadow of the Colossus Regularly, I go on to KickStarter to back video games that – to me – look like they could be a lot of fun. I’ve recently ran across a new game called Prey for the Gods, which is being touted as being a “spiritual successor” to the PlayStation 2 classic, Shadow of the Colossus. Being a fan of Shadow of the Colossus, naturally, I checked it out. This game looks...

Upgrade to Windows 10, before time runs out
Windows / July 29, 2016

Your window for upgrading to Windows 10 is quickly coming to a close! In less than 15 hours, you will no longer be able to upgrade to Windows 10 for free. Still on the fence about upgrading?¬†Here are some points that may help to persuade you to upgrade: Windows 10 Highlights The Start Menu: If you are a user of Windows 8, you will¬†notice that the Start Menu is missing or dramatically reduced from it’s predecessors. In Windows 1...

PlayStation Plus / Games with Gold – August 2016 Lineup
Video Games / July 27, 2016

PlayStation Plus Games – August 2016 PlayStation has released the August listing of their free game offerings to PS Plus members! Just as a reminder, a PS Plus member is anyone who subscribes to their PlayStation Plus service, an optional item for PS3 owners, but a requirement for anyone with a PS4 wanting to play online. You can find the full lineup of PS Plus games below: PS Plus – August 2016 Lineup Tricky Towers, PS4 ...

Windows 10 is still free, but not for long
Articles , Windows / July 24, 2016

Upgrading Windows is Still Free Since July 29, 2015, Microsoft has been giving away Windows 10 as a free upgrade to anyone who has a qualified version of Windows installed on their computer. This free upgrade comes in the form of a Windows Update; it is downloaded through the Windows update system, and is automatically installed on the users system. That "window" for getting Windows 10 free, however, is coming to a close. I...

SwagBucks Introduction – Earn Money at Home
Money , SwagBucks / July 19, 2016

Introduction SwagBucks is a website you can sign up to, and make money by performing certain tasks. There are some tasks that require quite a bit of your attention (such as taking surveys or downloading and installing apps on your phone), and there are some tasks that are, for the most part, quite passive (such as watching videos). Having been using SwagBucks since December 2015, I’ve made well over $100, but not doing much mor...

Money Section and New Article – SwagBucks
Money , SwagBucks / July 17, 2016

Hello everyone! I’m back, and have finally decided the direction I want to take the website. Being dedicated to you is just good business, and what goes along with business? Money! I’ve recently created a new section on the sight – the Money section – which will be dedicated to helping you make the most of those pennies you earn everyday. Not making enough pennies everyday? I’m also included some tips an...

Windows 7 Boot Error – c000021a
Uncategorized / December 24, 2011

So I awoke this Christmas Eve morning to a present from my Windows 7 machine – a Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) with the an error code of c000021a. Doing a bit of research on this error, I found… nothing helpful. For hours I worked on the issue. I tried everything I could think of: Reboot into Safe Mode – Failed. It gave me the same error as if I was trying to boot normally. Launch Startup Repair – Startup Repair...

Mobile Web Design
Uncategorized / December 21, 2011

Mobile web design is gaining more an more popularity these days. And why shouldn’t it? Just about everyone has an iPad, an iPhone, an Android phone or a Android tablet. And if you don’t have one, chances are, you know someone who does. Because of this, I have been doing quite a bit of research over the past year. Mainly as a result of work, but also because I was just interested in how some web pages are able to detect an...

DokuWiki ToDo Plugin: Update
Uncategorized / August 16, 2010

DokuWiki ToDo Plugin: Update I have just updated the DokuWiki ToDo plugin today. The new version is 8-16-10. This new version fixes an issue where, upon checking a box where the action text is in a different language (ie: not ASCII), it would not decode the text properly. The new version does decode this properly. Not a big update, but should help anyone who is using the program with a non-English language.

DokuWiki ToDo Plugin: Update
Uncategorized / March 31, 2010

A bug has been fixed in the ToDo plugin, that had the potential to cause some code on your dokuwiki page to become corrupted. Details can be found on the DokuWiki page for the ToDo plugin, I have also added support for using the ampersand character (&) as well as for using html entities in the ToDo’s action text. Enjoy!